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“I believe these amps were made in 1979 or 1980. Great for any style of playing, sounds great with my multi-effect pedal (DigiTech). Parametric EQ allows amp to function as a bass amp (or at least sound like one). HUGE range of tones/sounds. I bought it used for a little over $150. I thought it was tube, but it’s solid state. Sounds tube quality. Has a real reverb tank, hit it and hear it roar…or make noise. Really cool. Many additional inputs in back (outputs too). Has a Yamaha 12 inch speaker, I believe it’s able to push anywhere from 50-100 watts. Two channels, clean and distortion. I’ve used it live and it sounds great. I use this everywhere I need it. Plus, it’s incredibly durable. Fell on concrete and STILL works the same as it always had.”

“My Yamaha G50-112II was made in 1979. Has two channels, solid state, foot switch for channel switching and spring reverb cut out. Parametric EQ and 12″ speaker. 50 watt RMS output. Optional second speaker jack (watch out for feedback) and a direct out jack for mixing boards. My amp has been used for six string guitars, four string bass and as a keyboard amp on occasion. I’d like more of a reverb and am experimenting with the stock unit. You can get more crunch out of the B channel’s distortion if you’re somewhat knowledgeable with electronics by opening up the cover on the heat sink and playing with the two adjustable potentiometers. One if turned too high will cause the distortion to clip even at low volume.”

Front panel controls:

  • High/low input jacks
  • Volume
  • Bass
  • Middle
  • Treble
  • Bright
  • Distortion
  • Reverb

Back panel jacks:

  • Reverb foot switch
  • Distortion foot switch
  • Record out

Mike Stern uses the 2×12 version of this amp on stage. Basically a Roland Jazz Chorus in a 1×12 package and a less sterile (more tubey, I suppose) feel to it. The amp has two channels, but like many two channel amps from this era, the ‘overdrive’ channel blows. That being said, I was told that the overdrive op amp was the same as an Ibanez Tube Screamer? Not sure. I always used this for practice / ran it in stereo with my other amp with my chorus pedal. I just bought a slightly better ‘practice’ amp and the wife’s law (full hands in, full hands out) mandates parting with this increasingly rare little amplifier.”

“The clean channel is great. I play jazz and fusion stuff, so I would run a tube screamer, compressor, and chorus pedal through this with VERY ‘Mike Stern’ sounding results (though I can’t hold a candle to MS 🙂 ). The amp takes pedals well, too, so if you were so inclined to make this a ‘rock’ amp, throwing a beefy distortion pedal in front would sound just fine.”

“Pretty darn loud little beast rated 120 watts solid state (and pretty heavy for its size, too!). MADE IN USA w/parts from Japan. Rock on. This should not be confused with the original G50 / G100 series … this has the parametric EQ built in, which is the ‘meal ticket’ of this particular amplifier. External speaker jack also, so you can split to two 4ohm cabs or drive a stack if you felt like doing so. Versatility and well made.”

“Really nice smooth tone, this is one of the best solid state amps ever made. Has a 12 inch speaker and a spring reverb.”



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