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“Great Amp! A buddy of mine bought one and was not impressed, until I plugged it in and maxed the volume. He could not believe the sound out of this little amp. It uses the 4558 IC chip that makes this solid state amp sound “dirty” (not too sterile) ala Tube Screamer fame.”

“This may have been the first practice (studio) amp to come out in the early 70s that was solid state with an Accutronics real spring reverb. It is a small version of what you found in the tubed Fenders and I believe it was the first to offer a master volume for low volume overdrive. This amp is smokin hot, especially driven with the master all the way up and the volume about 2/3s.”

“The little amp sounds amazing! The distortion is great and smooth and it has some of the deepest sounding reverb I have ever heard. This is no toy — perfect secret weapon for recording sessions and jams around the house.”

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