FY-6 Fuzz Master

Effect Information

“One of the best — if not the best fuzz pedal ever. Shin-ei re-branded the very same pedal with these names, Univox, Companion, Mica, Bruno, Shaftesbury, Jax, Apollo, Ibanez, Sekova, Tempo, Honey, and so on.”

The fuzz contains six 2sc828 transistors, there’s even space to place a trim-pot to fine tune the octave feature. Two knobs — balance and expander yielding two distinct fuzz tones with the unique octave sound.”

“Tone one being this scooped, mids mayhem of fuzz, bassy, powerful and legendary. Tone two can be a very marshall-esque type of sound with with the mid frequencies accentuated. Very pleasant when you need to cut through the densest mix.”

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