FX-45 (Stereo Reverb)

Effect Information

“The FX 45 is a STEREO REVERB, but the thing
is, it’s ANALOG. Yeah, weird. It’s an analog multi-tapped bucket-brigade
reverb. Several taps are sent to each side differently, so if you split
it into two amps, you get stereo reverb. This really is usable
too, and not just weird. The CONTROLS are ROOM SIZE (time between taps),
REVERB TIME (recirculation) and REVERB LEVEL (simply how much is added
into your signal with your guitar).”

“This does not give you a lush
drippy reverb, rather it’s like the early reflections that you’d get
from sound bouncing around the stage. That works great when you don’t
want to cover your guitar signal with nonsense. So if you’re looking for
big beautiful cathedral sounds, this won’t do it. It will give you
something the next guy doesn’t have for sure.”

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