FX32 (Meat Box) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“Add a variety of deep tones, from funk to groove to brooding doom with nearly anything you put through it. Crank it to its max and turn your sound into a ridiculously deep bass powerhouse. Put it through any decent sized amplifier and get ready for the room to shake.”

“The DOD Meat Box is a rare effects pedal great for incredibly low, heavy, and brutal depth. Perfect for bass or drop-tuned guitars. For a super thick and heavy low-end, you can not pass up this pedal — there is simply NOTHING like it!”

“The Original DOD FX 32 Meat Box with the legendary graphics making it look like an old piece of meat and dials labeled MEAT, RUMP, FLANK and LBS. This is the ultimate low end drive. It is sought after as there is nothing that comes close to creating that bassy, throaty growl that bassists live by.”

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Date Range (08/22/2021 - 06/05/2023)

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