FX13 (Gonkulator Ring Modulator) (Early 1996) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“This thing is capable of turning any signal routed through it into a clanging, raspy mess. From what I’ve been told the distortion is identical to the Grunge pedal, but distortion isn’t the strong point of this pedal. As ring modulators go, this one isn’t very versatile. In other words, you can’t tune it at all as the ring modulators frequency is fixed. To make things stranger, when the pedal is engaged it produces a high pitched whine at all times.”

“The whine is apparently an oscillator that is producing the untunable ring modulator frequency. Why this should be audible is anyone’s guess, but it is. As for the sound quality of this unit, it can be used to great effect in noise. It is great to change mid-rangey sounds into painfully high frequency noise.”

“The only bad thing about the sound of this unit is that it can be picked out of a lineup of other ring modulators with ease. Anybody familiar with the Gonkulator will recognize it immediately. The effect stands out, even when crushed under a pile of other effects. In short, it’s a one trick pony. A good trick mind you, but only one trick.”

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