Fuzz Boxx (Orange/Red Case) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

mid to late 1960s rare classic fuzz pedal is considered to sound like a
cross between the VOX Mark II and Mark III
ToneBenders. Loud and aggressive with plenty of versatile dynamics —
this pedal is capable of achieving a smooth overdrive as well as a
highly textured fuzz sound.”

“With an identical schematic to the
Universal Amplifier Corp. Astrotone pedal, this red version is possibly
the more famous version of the two. With a bold wedge-shaped profile and
a fire engine red exterior, the re-branded Astrotone was manufactured
by Universal Amplifier Corp. for the Sam Ash music store in New York.”

“While the earlier ones occupied the same cast-metal housing with a
recessed control panel, the second variety features a completely unique
shape, unlike that of the original Astrotone.”

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