Fuzz Box (FY-2) w/Original Box

Effect Information

“More widely known as the Shin-ei Companion FY-2, this is exactly the same pedal but branded as a Kimbara. Classic ripping chainsaw garage fuzz tones and a nice warm, almost synth-esque clean up when backing off the guitar volume. Clones are widely available and I’ve spent time working on my own but everything I’ve heard has sounded over-compressed or lacked definition in the high frequencies compared to the pure, aggressive bark of the original.”

“It says Kimbara on it, however, it sounds just like a Shin-ei. These are most incredible, often imitated never duplicated, super fuzz pedals. Nobody else has one so that makes it even cooler when you pull it out and show your buddies.”

“The circuit should be the same as the Shin Ei FY-2. The fuzz sound is less dense than, say a Tone Bender MK-II. It’s a more buzzy type of fuzz, kind of along the lines of The Stones, Satisfaction, type sound.”

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