Funky Filter (MU-1200)

Effect Information

The Melos MU-1200 Funky-Filter makes input signals sound like synths. The pedal is an envelope follower or auto-wah. The schematic may have been the same as a MuTron III, and may have been licensed from MuTron. Internal components may be identical or close to compenents in the Univox MU-1500.”

“The Melos Funky Filter MU-1200 (Japan) auto wah pedal works with two nine volts batteries in parallel. The Funky Filter has a Boss-type 9 volts adapter input but with positive tip and no label saying so. Sounds range from guttural filtering to ring-mod-esque to synth-like sounds. There are a boatload of filtering effects available from this unit. Good for bass, guitar, keyboards or anything else for that matter.”

“The circuit is exactly the same as the famous Mu-Tron III. These were actually licensed from Mu-Tron (licensed under Mu-Tron patent no. 3,911,776 is printed right on the pedal). There are two knobs for PEAK and VOLUME. Also has four switches DRIVE (up, down), RANGE (high, low), FILTER (high pass, band pass, low pass) and POWER (on, off). Made in Japan. Requires 2 x 9-volt batteries or a 9-volt DC power adapter with a 3.5mm plug with a positive tip.”

The following features are available on this effect:

  • Power-Switch: On/Off
  • Filter-Switch: High-Pass, Band-Pass, Low-Pass filter characteristics
  • Range-Switch: Emphasizes high or low frequencies
  • Drive-Switch: Shifts the filter up or down for two totally different effects
  • Foot-Switch: Bypass/Effect
  • Modulation: Sensitivity (Volume is really meant)
  • Peak: For varying filter “sharpness” from a subtle accentuation through a distinct vowel sound to high resolution filtering that “plays” individual overtones
  • Power Supply: 2 x 9V Batteries or external Power Supply (9V DC)

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