Foxey Lady (Three Knobs in a Row or V3)

Effect Information

From the online listing:

“Seekers of the holy grail … here’s an amazingly sick example of one of
the best distortion stomp boxes of all time — the Guild Foxey Lady three in
a row, built by EH just after (or perhaps before) the transition from
“triangle” to “ram’s head” versions. I personally prefer the ram’s head
(and Gilmour will agree) 3003 board, f2N5133s. I’ve played a lot of old big muffs and this one is smooth, dark and
sustains like an angry prehistoric feedback monster!” This is pretty much a rebranded “Ram’s Head Big Muff” I guess?”

Several versions of this bad boy as seen on DiscoFreq’s.

Archived past online sales data:

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