(FM-2) Fuzz Master

Effect Information

“The Ace Tone FM-2 professional fuzz guitar pedal circa 1969-1971. Made in
Japan by Ace Electronic Industries Inc. which was the pre-Roland company started by
Ikutaro Kakehashi
before founding Roland/Boss. This effect has an amazing fuzz sound with an over-the-top octave making it sound just like the Univox Super
. If you happen to own the Roland BeeBaa (which is another highly
regarded fuzz) this is the exact same sound — I have both and believe me,
this sounds way better.”

Tone selector: Changes the fuzz type

  • Tone one — being a scooped mids mayhem of fuzz, bassy, so powerful and legendary.
  • Tone two — a very “Marshall-esque” type of sound with the mid
    frequencies accentuated. Very pleasant when you need to cut through the
    densest mix.

Normal-fuzz: Changes from clean to fuzz

  • Knobs for volume and fuzz adjust
  • Guitar and amp inputs

“When played higher up on the frets it can generate a very cool octave sound. To get the best sound out of leads — switch to the neck pickup with the tone control on zero. For heavy
riffing use whatever setting you prefer and it will be very impressive,
this thing has loads of gain, on the bass strings this thing sounds
superb. The circuit is the EA-0313 (as seen in the photos below).”

“The FM-2 Fuzz Master is quite similar to another
Japanese classic, the Univox Super Fuzz, with its over-the-top octave
fuzz and two-way selectable tone switch. The Fuzz Master uses a
convenient footswitch, rather than a side-mounted slider switch like the
Super Fuzz.”

“The Fuzz Master FM-2 circuitry features an octave (pitch doubling) circuit before the diode-clipping fuzz circuit. This gives the sound desirable tonal characteristics not obtainable with the clipping alone that most fuzz pedals have. This is one of the earliest pedals to feature true bypass and is powered by a 9V battery.”

All of this information has been edited from sales listings that I found interesting — no guarantees on being authentic but it makes for a good read.

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