FET Preamp

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“Everyone goes batty for the old grey DOD 250 made famous by
Yngwie Malmsteen — but this FET preamp kicks the crap out of

This pedal does four things really well:

  1. Provides a huge amount of boost
    (you can actually fry your speakers — so start with a light touch and increase
    to taste). I would reckon around 30db. A wonderful clean
    boost if you need some grit and sparkle at the same time. It works well with both single coil and humbuckers (most pedals

  2. It acts as a great line driver to keep
    your guitar signal strong. If you run a lot of pedals this is
    essential. It works well even if you are a minimalist. Place it before
    your overdrive/dirt boxes and take them to new levels of mayhem — or
    place it at the end of your pedal chain and reap the benefit of a boost
    to all your effects.

  3. It can get raging over driven tones.
    Use it alone and dial in a hefty boost and look out — your amp could
    melt. Run it into your favorite dirt pedal and watch the tone get gnarlier
    and improve. This is a superb pedal as they are so tube sounding.

  4. You
    can either keep this in your line permanently (there is no on/off
    switch), or do what I do, use a looper or an AB box to switch it off
    and on. If you want to get the best out of it — I would recommend using
    a true bypass looper (Keeley etc.).

More information

“The vintage DOD FET Preamp Overdrive/Boost Pedal from 1977 — very rare.”

Place this in your chain to do one of the following:

  1. At the beginning to strengthen the
    tone of all the following pedals — and it will drive the heck out of
    your favorite dirt box.

  2. Place it at the end of your chain to give your
    line an overall boost — thereby keeping your signal at strength as it
    heads to the amp.

  3. Use it as a stand alone overdrive. Always
    leave it on and ride your volume knob (yes, it can happen). Just do NOT
    max this out at first as you can easily blow your amp. It has the
    highest output of any vintage pedal I have heard — probably in the 30db
    range. Use a Les Paul with this alone and a Marshall and you are in
    heaven. When I found these I sold my “classic” old grey DOD 250 (the
    Malmsteen pedal). This smoked it!

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