Fatman Envelope Filter v1

Effect Information

“The original WMD Fatman envelope filter pedal. It features Attack, Threshold (Sensitivity), and Feedback (Resonance, Q) controls. It also has a 12-position Range knob switch so you can lock in your favorite frequencies, and Sweep Up/Down and Bandpass/Lowpass switches. It features a unique “Key In” input for using another instrument (drum machine works great for this) to sweep the filter while you play. There’s an internal trim pot to  adjust the volume; a very handy thing to have on an envelope filter!”

“The Fatman is probably the closest thing to the original Mu-Tron III that you’ll find in a modern filter. The original Fatman is discontinued and very hard to find. I tried the newer WMD Super Fatman; didn’t like the LFO at all, especially the noisy square wave. The original Fatman is the better deal!”

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Date Range (02/18/2024 - 02/18/2024)


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