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“An upgraded version of the original Expandora. The same great pedal with an external drive control (unlike the interior DIP switch on the original Expandora). This was somewhat cumbersome as you had to remove the back of the case to customize the sound of the effect.”

“The drive control lets you adjust
sound anytime and you retain all of the glorious tones of the original. The drive
control adds to the already familiar control knob trio: gain, tone and level. The Expandora II has an increased low frequency range for even
fatter tones without losing any of the responsiveness of the original
Expandora. The unit has a heavy-duty bypass foot switch and a new,
retro-style steel case.”

“Made in Japan, the
Expandora II sells or sold for $229 (may be discontinued). It also includes an LED effect
status/input level indicator, AC adapter jack and easy-access battery
compartment for a single nine-volt.”

More information on this effect can be found here.

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

Expandora EXP-2000R w/Original Packaging
Expandora EXP-2000R w/Original Manual

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