(EW-95V) Mister Crybaby Super

Effect Information

This information courtesy of Patrick Grant, thank you Patrick!

“I think I’ve now seen enough transitional GCB-95s to see how they [Dunlop] used
up the Thomas Organ parts. It seems the earliest ones have a circuit
boards with capital Ts printed on them, have the Stack O Dimes Inductor, and green “chicklet” caps. The circuit boards get used up

“This is what I have, green caps, but no T’s on the board. Then
the large green caps run out, and get replaced by the blue ones [as seen in the third photo (Disqus). This photo is of a later Cry Baby GCB-95)], then
the small caps and lastly the Stack O Dimes Inductors. I think I have
the order right. I recommend using a 3P3T switch and making these true
bypass, I find it improves the sound.”

“I’m missing my GCB-95 back plate, but found a later back plate, which
may also be transitional. It had a sticker on it, showing the new 3.5mm
AC jack. I foolishly removed it, before I knew about the transitional
wahs. I’m going to gather up some pics off the internet, and try to
create a timeline for the early Dunlop wahs.”

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