Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix (V1)

Effect Information

Many thanks to Ralf, who maintains the “Electric Mistress Mystery Page” for sending me a link to his website. All of the information below was gleaned from various sources on the Internet as well as eBay past sales listings. There are many iterations of the Electric Mistress and Ralf has a comprehensive guide found here.

The pricing in this section refers to the original version which was powered by two 9V batteries as well as the 18V jack (as seen in the photo).

“The Mistress nails the expected jet plane swoosh with wave like shimmers as well as the sound of a phaser, chorus and even a convincing Leslie sound. It’s extremely versatility and can clone the chorused clarity of the Police, the submerged haziness of Nirvana, the streamlined sounds of Rush, or the psychedelic swirls of the Stone Roses.”

“Three knobs take care of color, range, and rate, while a bizarre filter matrix switch adds a tiny hint of metallic ring-modulation when engaged. Combined with other effects, the Mistress can push the envelope of experimentation even further. Slap a distortion, tremolo, or auto-filter pedal before or after this and you will spend an entire afternoon making noise. The original USA version of this pedal gets high marks for sturdy construction, generally quiet analog circuitry, and endless fun.”

“The pedal operates on the famous Reticon SAD1024 chip and as mentioned above the single battery version was released in 1980.”

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