Electric Mistress Flanger/Filter Matrix (V1) w/Original Box

Effect Information

Many thanks to Ralf, who maintains the “Electric Mistress Mystery Page”
for sending me a link to his website. All of the information below was
gleaned from various sources on the Internet as well as eBay listings. I
am humbled by what I don’t know. As it turns out, not surprisingly I
guess, there are many iterations of the Electric Mistress and Ralf has a
comprehensive guide found here.

“This is arguably
the best flange pedal ever made and sounds fantastic. The pedal operates on the famous Reticon SAD 1024 chip.  The
effect offers a warm distinct flange sound which was also used by Andy
Summers and Pink Floyd. The pedal is powered by 2 x 9V batteries.” 

Archived past online sales data:

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