ECV (Echo-Chorus-Vibrato)

Effect Information

“only from Morley” breakthrough expands your creative freedom and
expression several ways in your search for new sounds. The 1982 Echo
Chorus Vibrato (ECV) leaves both hands free for playing so you can sweep
back and forth with the foot pedal over a delay time range of 15 to 330

“You never lift your hands from your instrument — yet you’re
in total control of continuous variable delay times and chorus
vibrato speeds. The echo quality is excellent and the chorus vibrato
effects are extraordinarily lush and full.”

“Perhaps one of the
more rare Morley pedals ever made. It’s a big and bold analog 330 milliseconds
echo, bringing warm tones to your delay. It can also function as a
vibrato pedal, giving an old school surf or rockabilly tone and it’s
also a stereo chorus pedal — they put everything in this box.”

“The effect has depth controls for the vibrato/chorus function,
effect mix, and echo repeat. The speed of the effects are controlled
with the foot treadle, allowing you to make changes on the fly with your
foot. Don’t reach for a tiny knob, change it up with a big, bad, chrome
foot pedal. Morley optical LDR tech makes it possible.”

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