ECHO BASE (Delay Pedal) w/Tap Tempo

Effect Information

“The Emski Echo Base (w/tap tempo) is an original (non-commercial) pedal built by an
individual from a gear forum [which forum? Anyone know?]. It is based on the PT2399 chip which is a
digital chip, however it is often considered an “analog delay” because
of its lo-fi characteristics. I agree with that sentiment.”

“This pedal
has quickly (only had the pedal for a short time) become my go to delay.
It’s perfect for “moody-ness.” I use it for adding fullness and
sustain to whole note chord strums. There really
isn’t enough space on this page for me to explain how great it is. This is the third of three delays in my loop.”

“Not sure what else to say about it other than it is supposedly a Deluxe
Memory Man
clone?  It sounds great, has tap tempo and modulation

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