EC3 (Echorec)

Effect Information

desktop versions of the Italian disc echo units were made in the 70s
around the same time as the legendary PE models. This is a solid
state (transistor) model — it is extremely well made, reliable and
versatile. Any head can be switched to replay or regeneration providing the
user with access to a wide range of multiple and scatter echoes.”

head selection; there are individual buttons for each head’s playback
and feedback, which makes it possible to have all sorts of delay colors. The
EC3 had two echo modes: “repeat” and
“swell”. The repeat mode is the standard mode, while the swell mode
automatically activates all four playback heads, producing a reverb sound.”

“On the back, there are many input and output jacks, and with the
help of three buttons on the front panel, you can select which input
gets a delay, while the others stay dry. There are some dedicated
trimpots inside as well where you can fine tune the unit to your liking:
Dry Level, Feedback Level, Level Sensitivity, Shunt Caps, Swell Playback Level and Input Gain.”

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