EC-280 (Electronic Echo)

Effect Information

“The Electronic Echo Box EC-280 from the German company Dynacord is from approximately 1977. The effect uses eight analog Philips TDA 1022 bucket brigade devices and may be the first solid state echo/reverb unit.”

“Sounds incredible with lo-fi goodness, weird modulations and self oscillations. You can choose between four echo and four reverb knobs. Furthermore the unit is able to produce modulations as in chorus sounds. The EC-280 works with 110V and 230V — adjustable with a terminal block inside.”

“It lets you route signals in all sorts of odd ways (I’ve used just this and a mixer to pretty amazing affect) and create the most detuned, odd, dreamy and sometimes downright dreadful audio you ever heard. Because it’s some sort of weird hybrid, its pretty unpredictable. You can feed anything into this and get amazing results, it sounds especially good after a preamp.”

Here are some sound samples at mode zero.

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