DVB-2 Dual Variable Blend

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“You have the choice of loop engaged or true bypass and two blend options for the loop (good if you’re bouncing between, say, modulation devices and delay and want markedly different degrees of blend with original signal).  Dual color LED indication for all status.”

“The Barge Concepts DVB-2 is a fully buffered True Bypass loop pedal with Dual Variable Clean Blend controls. This pedal is known for its very high-quality buffer circuit. The DVB-2 uses audio grade Burr Brown op-amps to buffer the loop Send and Receive signals to improve signal strength over long pedal chains and cable runs. This minimizes “tone sucking” from vintage and mass-produced effects. The two variable Blend controls provide A and B mixes of your input signal with the return of the effects loop.”

“This [perhaps] VERY RARE high-quality dual blend loop pedal is the perfect solution for blending effects pedals with your clean signal. It’s great for mixing clean or pushed guitar tone with drive pedals for that transparent overdrive tone that guitar players are searching for and it’s also a secret weapon for bass players that want to mix in effects without losing their signature bass tone. The DVB-2 is useful in the studio as well. The Barge Concepts DVB-2 is an effects loop pedal, not an effects pedal.”

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