DS-01 (Distortion)

Effect Information

“LocoBox DS-01 Distortion (Aria), (IC). Fairly rare pedal, at least outside of Japan, LocoBox were a series of eight or so pedals produced by Aria in Japan, with identical looking pedals made under various labels such as Aria, Cutec, Guyatone, PowerVoice, Studio Series and Sound City [maybe even more].”

“It is solidly made, with metal housing, the DS-01 is a straight forward distortion pedal. With the distortion knob pegged, it’s a great buzz box, much like an MXR Distortion+ that will take the top of your head off. Personally I like it with the tone knob all the way down which produces a thick, mellow tone, much closer to the Tube Screamers of the era.”

“It uses the Japanese Texas Instruments TL4558P chip, the most rare of the good sounding ICs. This is the same chip used on some original TS808s Tube Screamers, early Boss OD-1 Overdrives, and an option on Analogman’s TS808 mods.”

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