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“Packing two finely tuned
overdrives into one box really eliminates the need for additional clean
boost pedals, EQs or even another overdrive unit. For those requiring
three different stages of gain (clean, overdrive, and lead), the Stamps
really saves the day. Other cool touches like a cabinet emulator switch
offer even more subtle tone choices.”

“The Drive-O-Matic is an
extremely transparent overdrive that maintains its character, even when
pushed to the edge. No hint of boominess or midrange honk at these
heavy settings. The Drive-O-Matic covers the Blues but can also step well into the
world of Rock when needed. The construction is beautiful inside and out,
dials and LEDS are well placed and the battery compartment is easy to

“The Drive-O-Matic is two overdrive circuits in one
unit, with a toggle switch for two different tones on each circuit. Foot
switches control red/yellow channel switching and true bypass of the
whole pedal.”

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