Drive Master

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“The original Guv’nor was the first modern Marshall overdrive pedal and proved incredibly popular throughout the world. The Drive Master takes things a stage further, with a new tone and drive network to push performance levels even higher.”

“Where most pedals provide a pair of tone controls, the Drive Master offers a three band tone network which is like adding an extra amp to your set up, with real Marshall tone and overdrive.”

“This early 90s Made in England pedal is often considered the JCM 800/900 in a box. It’s my personal favorite out of the three Marshall pedals from this time period (Blues Breaker, Drive Master, and Shred Master).”

“To my ears it sounds like a modified Tube Screamer — but with much more gain and tweakable tone controls. It works great as a stand alone overdrive/distortion pedal into a clean amp, but absolutely melts when played through a nice tube amp on the verge of break up.”

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