DML-20 (Modulation Delay III)

Effect Information

“The Ibanez Digital Modulation Delay III — DML20 is a vintage delay packed with features you can use for
anything from flange to chorus to doubling to whacked out long delay
settings.  These pedals are hard to come by so pick one up if you have the chance.”

“This pedal has controls to
adjust the depth and speed of the LFO modulation that can be applied to
any delay length/type. The chorus on this thing is amazing. It took me a while to get used to the modulation on medium delay
settings but on lower depth settings you can cop a little bit of warble
or just turn up the delay and depth and have some fun with wilder
settings. This effect is capable of delay times from 1ms-1024ms.”

More information on this effect can be found here.

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