DM-01 (Digital Modulation Delay)

Effect Information

  • Rare. From Maxon’s “Zero-One” series circa mid 80s. As with all of Maxon’s “Zero-One” pedals, the production run on this unit was small; there aren’t many of them. Japanese market only. Made in Japan. Built like a tank; weighs in at a lead brick like 24 ounces!
  • Controls: Delay Time, Speed, Delay Level, Delay Range (6 time ranges from 0 to 1024 milliseconds covering flanging, chorusing, doubling, and short, medium, long echoes), Width, and Repeat.
  • Features modulation capability: An L.F.O. (low frequency oscillator) changes the delay time periodically. The sweep width, or distance between extremes in delay time, is set by the width control. The period of the sweep cycle is set by the speed control. When the delay time is changed (manually or via L.F.O. at regular intervals) the pitch also changes. At short delay settings the pitch sweep is more noticeable than the delays. Stereo: has wet and dry outs. Sounds amazing.
  • Note: This is the same unit as the Ibanez DML20 Digital Modulation Delay III.
  • Bottom has silver label and serial number. Uses a standard Boss style 9V adapter or 9V battery.

“This is the obscure modulating treasure from Japan, Maxon’s DM-01 Multimode Delay. Non-Asian territories have some experience with it’s sibling in teal clothing — the Ibanez DML20. We prefer to roll with the steel colored warrior of delay for it’s extensive range of control and chaos.

“These are proper delay workstations — capable of extremely short or long delay times, allowing you to explore a wide range of sonic territories in one box that would normally be left to many. You’re also not limited by tempered feedback times and modulation range. Here you can take just a few milliseconds, crank the feedback up into a ringing mess, than transform it into a warbling ray gun. Or find that chorus tone that was always just out of reach. This is the experimenter’s best friend for cultivating original sounds.”

“Once the delay times move into it’s maximum of 1024ms,  modulation takes on a new dimension of expression. Longer phrases repeat back with pitch lightly shifting in the wind or can blow out into a tornado of multiple personality disorder competing for control. Pitch modulated digital delays are where it’s at for clarity and texture that’s unobtainable in BBDs. The longer times give a chance to harmonize with yourself beyond a 300ms window — layering entire phrases with high feedback to create the ultimate Shoegaze soundscape and dynamically responding to frequency and level.”

“It runs on batteries or 9volt center negative dc power.”

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