Distortion – Booster w/Red Case (1965)

Effect Information

Gives a good heavy distortion, or a smoother distortion with the guitar volume knob turned back slightly. This model uses a 6LR61 9V battery for power and plugs straight into the power amp, with the guitar plugged into the socket on the Vox. The slide switch is used to enable the distortion. This analogue unit is the revised version, using BC108 silicon transistors. The JMI Vox Distortion Booster “fuzz tone” was also introduced in the November 1965 JMI Vox price list. The steel case sported a dark red painted finish. The booster utilized a battery operated gain circuit driven by two silicon transistors and featured a three-pole power switch. Rumour has it that Brian May housed a Vox Distortion Booster circuit inside his ‘Red Special’ but I cannot confirm that it would have been this model.”


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