Digital Time Delay Flanger Chorus Doubler Echo

Effect Information

“It’s a 1u space rack mounted
unit. Has stereo Output 1
and Output 2 for a very deep stereo chorus effect. Front panel
controls are Speed (.1 Hz to 10Hz) Width (0% to 100%) Delay Time Multiplier control (X.25 – X 1.0) Buttons for Delay modes: Flanger (1.25-2.5 MS) Chorus (5-20ms) Doubler (20-80ms) Echo (80ms- 320ms) Mix  control, Regeneration control, Invert Delay switch, In/out switch (also a footswitch jack on the back that does the same)  with Active LED to let you know if it’s bypassed or not, Power
switch with LED.”

“Back panel has: Level switch (Line or Instrument
level) Mono input and  left and right output so you can hook up the
chorus to get a very deep chorus effect in stereo.  AC cord, no low
voltage wall wart to fall out and disconnect, induce hum, or get lost.
This unit is legendary in it’s tone and they have were used on countless
hit recordings over the years.”

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