DDS-4 (Digital Delay/Sampler)

Effect Information

“The Arion DDS-4 Stereo Digital Delay and Sampler (up to 4 seconds) was released by Arion in 1982. It has stereo/dry switch (to put the delay across stereo spectrum or left — then right only), trig/remote switch, and rotary knobs for level, tone, repeat, delay time, and mode (which selects delay or playback). This is a classic and rare pedal from the 80s and they’re difficult to get hold of. It’s an old school toy that a lot of those early guitar/electronic ‘experi-mental’ heads used to create weird noises.”

It has a record function with 4 delay ranges:

  • a basic sampler to create loops
  • you can use it as a delay pedal
  • it uses a 9v battery and has one instrumental input
  • one input for a remote trigger pedal and two outputs

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