DDG-1 (Digital Delay Gear)

Effect Information

“This is a stereo delay unit just slightly larger than a guitar pedal, but with several knobs allowing you to fine tune the parameter of the delay or use it as a flange or resonator. Ideal for studio or live setups as you can use it to Dub out live DJ sets, tune the delay so that the beat doubles itself and set the delay off a full beat, adding depth and crazy bass reinforcement to the sound. It was discontinued by Vestax since it may have proven too costly to produce.”

“I suppose you could also use this for a guitar setup or something similar by putting it in its own effect loop and getting the correct RCA-to-1/4″ female jack adapters. It only has dual RCA in’s and out’s and no stomp switch, just an on/off toggle. It could also be used it in a rack system I’d imagine.”

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