DD-X10 (Digital Delay)

Effect Information

“The hold function on this pedal is indeed a looper, two different loopers actually and neither needs an external foot switch. The unlatched mode repeats the sample while the foot switch is kept down. The latched mode starts looping after the foot switch is tapped and continues until it is tapped again. The normal function of the foot switch (effect on/off) is disabled in either looper mode and the pedal turns itself on permanently if you move the hold knob away from its off position. In the hold off position, the pedal works as a traditional delay with an on/off foot switch.”

“The Aria DD-X10 Digital Delay was made in Japan and introduced around 1983-1985. Up to 1024ms delay time and various delay latch and hold settings are possible for continuous delays. All kinds of musical and not so musical sounds can be gained from this pedal. The combo of the feedback knob and the delay time allows for pitch shifting and with the latch and hold settings you can grab them and have them repeat forevvvvvvver.”

“It even a has a dry signal out jack on the top. Takes standard Boss PSA type 9v adapter. For those that appreciate pedal design, it has a really nice lever release for the battery compartment and the choice of knob design is killer. They have a slight dome and slant to them. Very cool.”

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