DCF-1 (Digital Chorus/Flanger)

Effect Information

“This is a very underrated effects pedal. One of the great digital chorus/flanger pedals from the 1980s and well ahead of its time. The pedal is easy to use and surprisingly versatile.”

Functions include:

  • Stereo/Dry — selects the function of output 2: stereo signal or dry signal
  • Level — controls the output volume of the effect
  • Tone — controls the frequency of small boosted range of frequencies, turning the knob clockwise moves that frequency from low to high (bass to treble).
  • F-Repeat — sets the amount of effected signal fed back into the effect (for a stronger effect)
  • Depth — controls the depth/amplitude of the modulation (the size of the range in which the effect sweeps)
  • Speed — controls the speed/rate of the LFO wave that controls the effect
  • Mode — Chorus S/M/L or Flanger S/M/L

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