DC-01 (Digital Chorus)

Effect Information

“Rare. From the Maxon “Zero-One” series, this is Maxon’s first digital chorus, circa 1985. The production run on this unit was small; there aren’t many of them. Made in Japan. Built like a tank; weighs in at a noticeably hefty 22 ounces.”

“Four selectable delay time ranges in this unit: 0.25 – 2 milliseconds (flanger like effect); 1 – 8 milliseconds (chorus effect); 4 – 32 milliseconds (chorus effect); 16 – 128 milliseconds (short/slap delay effect).”

“Controls: Delay Range, Delay Time, Delay Level, Speed, and Width.”

“Calling this just a chorus is a little unfair — and inaccurate. Because of the five controls and four selectable delay time ranges in this unit, it straddles all the lines in the short time delay effects family: flanger, chorus, and even short delay. Wide, wide range of beautiful sounds available.”

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