Das Fuzz GE (Two Knob) w/Orange Case & Black Graphics

Effect Information

“A germanium based Fuzz Face clone which uses select germanium
and traditional voicing that really make this pedal
sing. The transistors were hand picked to achieve that magic tone that
one dreams
about in a germanium based Fuzz Face. Great picking attack with the
to clean up and to overdrive like an old tube amp is what it’s about.”

“Das Fuzz GE has been voiced in the original Fuzz Face tradition to get
those tones of yesteryear but with modern conveniences. Some of these
include using a technique to stabilize the transistors from temperature
changes that commonly plague stock/clone germanium Fuzz Faces. This
technique does not compromise your tone whatsoever. Because of its
unique build, there’s no need for a trim pot or external ‘bias’
pot to constantly adjust due to temperature changes.”

“The GE allows you to use a standard 9VDC/AC adaptor (positive tip) with no nasty ‘motor-boating’ or
EMI/RFI that one can get by modding the original circuit to use AC
adaptors. This allows you to use common power boxes, even ones with
voltage sag
abilities to get that ‘dead battery’ tone that can only be accomplished
with a germanium Fuzz Face. The originals and most clones do not have AC
jacks. These improvements and its traditional
voicing, sets Das Fuzz Ge way ahead of the pack. Lastly, the GE is wired
for true
so as to not “suck” tone when off.”

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