Das Fuzz GE (Three Knob)

Effect Information

“Cool blood-red color. This one has the “kill” knob which starves the voltage and gives you a low-fi “spitty” fuzz sound. It cleans up like no other fuzz I’ve used. Dialing down to 8 or 9 on your guitar’s volume turns it into a nice overdrive — very sparkly. Then crank it for the lead fuzz tone. Very versatile.”

“Cleans up wonderfully when you roll back on the volume knob and is similar in sound to a Fuzz Face without the reliability issues. It works for blues, rock or almost anything — with a searing, sustaining tone. It also has a lot of
boost/volume — you can use it to boost overall volume significantly by turning the volume knob above 10 o’clock.”

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Date Range (07/10/2022 - 07/10/2022)

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