Da Squeezer (Two Knobs)

Effect Information

“The Baja Tech Da Squeezer is an Orange Squeezer type
compressor that has a Bypass/Comp knob that blends the compressed with
your unprocessed sound, the other knob is the Level/Boost and there’s a
lot of boost on tap.”

“The Compression level goes from no
compression (boost only, compression is bypassed) to full compression
(no sound gets through at all.  Really, it’s in the instructions which
are included).  But from no compression to very heavy compression this
pedal sounds incredible.”

“The thing is, the Da Squeezer really,
really sounds great.  It’s not just that this accurately reproduces the
original Dan Armstrong Orange Squeezer – this blows away the best you
could hope for from an Orange Squeezer.  Plus you can dial in the amount
of compression or just use this as a clean boost.  Instead of
compression level, the Da Squeezer uses a Blend control which at low
levels preserves your attack while adding sweet compression.  Or you can
turn up the blend and go for the ‘squish’.”

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