CompuRhythm CR-78

Effect Information

“This has a very unique and familiar sound that has been used in all forms
of Hip Hop, R&B and electronica — whether sampled and processed or
straight out of the box itself. It’s been used by Underworld, Fatboy Slim,
BT, Gary Numan, 808 State, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Hall &
Oates, Ultravox, Jimmy Edgar, Genesis, Überzone, Blondie, Brian
Ferry, Men Without Hats, John Foxx, OMD and many others.”

Description excerpts from the original advertisement

“The CR-78 is one of Roland’s first drum machines in the COMPURHYTHM
series. It features 34 different preset rhythms (17 buttons, plus a
toggle switch choosing from bank A and B). There is also a knob to
select between 11 different “variations” — as well as controls for
fade-in, fade-out, volume, tempo (with an LED that flashes the tempo),
balance and accent.”

“The pattern is started and stopped by a single
dual-function button. In addition to preset patterns, the CR-78 is
equipped with a “programmable microcomputer to create your own beats”.
There is also a trigger out for synchronizing synthesizers and
sequencers, and an optional WS-1 remote control switch.”

“Presets are Rock 1 A/B, Rock 2 A/B, Rock 3 A/B, Rock 4 A/B, Rock 5 A/B,
Rock 6 A/B, Disco 1 A/B, Disco 2 A/B, Bossanova A/B, Samba A/B, Mambo,
Cha-cha, Beguine, Rhumba, Waltz A/B, Shuffle A/B, Slow Rock A/B, Swing
A/B, Fox Trot, and Tango.”

“Rhythms are combinations of the following available voices/sounds: Bass
Drum, Snare Drum, Rim Shot, Hi-hat, Cymbal, Maracas, Claves, Cow Bell,
High Bongo, Low Bongo, Low Conga, Metal Beat, Tambourine, and Guiro.”

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

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