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“This is the rarest of the rare — a Volz Compressor pedal made in
the late 70s I believe. This pedal is EXACTLY the same as the Locobox
Choker compressor pedal. The company that made Loco Box also made Volz
and Electra pedals and the only difference in any of them was the paint
design on the outside. The Volz pedals are just ridiculously rare. I
know this because I am the guy who runs the Locobox pedal website. From
all the info I have been able to find, these Volz pedals are the hardest
by far to get your hands on. I have only seen one other Volz
Compressor, and it was only a photo of the pedal. I have seen only three
other Volz pedals for sale in the last nine years and they were a chorus
pedal and two phasers.”

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