Compressor/280 (V2) w/Serif Font (1980s) & Original Packaging

Effect Information

“The 280 is an opto cell based compressor, and it’s about as simple
as you can get with a compressor pedal. The “Compr.” knob sets the
amount of compression while the “Level” control is for the output. This
pedal was made to sustain long notes on a guitar and really excels at
pushing a tube amp into glorious overdrive.”

“The pedal is from
the early 80s and has a decent amount of self noise that is typical of
compressor pedals of the 70s and 80s, but nothing too over the top. The
power supply jack is the US standard male plug that was used during the
70s to early 80s.”

“If you are looking for an uncolored
compressor with a wide range of control over the attack, release and
threshold, I would definitely look elsewhere as there is nothing subtle
about the DOD 280 Compressor. If set for major squash, this pedal does a
great imitation of a Boss SG-1 Slow Gear
with a long attack and blooming sustain. I basically always used it as a
colored boost setting with minimal compression and maximum output.”

Discussion of this effect can be found here and at compressor reviews.

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