Companion 8-Tr W-Fuzz

Effect Information

“IMO, everything you have heard or read about this pedal is true, it is wicked, evil and very sought after. Plus you get the cool vintage wah sound. One of the best, if not the best fuzz pedal ever.”

“Shin-ei rebranded the very same pedal with these names, UniVox, Companion, Mica, Bruno, Shaftesbury, Jax, Apollo, Ibanez, Sekova, Tempo, Honey, etc.”

  • 8 x 2sc828 transistors
  • Two knobs, Balance and Expander
  • Two fuzz tones with the coolest octave fuzz sound
  • Tone 1, being this scooped mids mayhem of fuzz, bassy, powerful and legendary
  • Tone 2, a very Marshall-esque type of sound with mid frequencies accentuated. Very pleasant when you need to cut through the densest mix
  • In addition, a very sexy sounding wah sound

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