CMP (Compressor)

Effect Information

“Kicks ass on Boss CS-x, MXR Dyna Comp, Ibanez CP9, etc. I’m an A/B box fanatic and have compared this unit against all these and more. Can squish but also compresses subtly allowing more dynamics without sacrificing sustain. Not sure what the circuit is — probably should take it apart and see.”

“Tone controls let you use it for boost or to neutralize — NICE! Unusual on a compressor.”

“Excellent high quality unit that has more function than the average compressor. It works without being obtrusive — a common problem with most I.C. based compressors.”

“The Attack control really lets you adjust to let the first part of the note through before it clamps down, which GREATLY affects the dynamics of guitar playing. You can set it to “Squish” if you like, but it also gives the other end of the spectrum, which most comps DO NOT!” The CMP kills the Ross type comps. Best comp I’ve used or tried.”

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