Civil War Big Muff PI – Version 7 Clone (AKA Red Army Overdrive)

Effect Information

“The RED ARMY OVERDRIVE and Version 7 “CIVIL WAR” BIG MUFF PI – After several years of being out of production, around 1991 Electro-Harmonix returned to the market with the Russian made Sovtek Big Muffs. The same pedal was branded as both the Big Muff Pi and as the Red Army Overdrive, sold simultaneously.”

“These classic circuits are cloned in this hand built clone. Beware of pedal clones with prefabricated boards … not the same tonal properties!”

“This pedal is in Vintage-style layout! And uses Carbon film resistors for vintage warmth and tone! Operates on 9 VDC via external AC adapter plug/source.”

“The builder (artist) intentionally left box “Slick” (unmarked knobs)…my personal preference as well!”

“Blue led “on” indicator. Left jack is output, right jack is Input. Knobs unmarked from left to right are: Volume, Tone, Sustain and Includes “Tone On/Off” toggle switch and pedal on/off Foot Switch. 9 VDC Center Negative.”

“Box housing is 4.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″ and weighs 11 ounces.”


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