Effect Information

“Made in London, England in the 1970s. Very interesting wah device for use with electric guitar, bass piano and organ. The unit has a special type of filter sound triggered by the output of an instrument — the harder you play the more effect is obtained.”


  • Intensity (black knob) — Controls how much the filter moves in response to the input signal.
  • Switch (black small one under the on/off switch) — Switches between 2 types of filters (bandpass and lowpass) or between 2 bands (low and high)
  • This type of Chuck-A-Wah is using a FET (with high/low band switch) and operates on one 9V battery
  • The Chuck-a-Wah was made from 1975 to 1977

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

Supa Sustain
OVERDRIVER (Early 1970s-Unknown Exact Date of Manufacture)

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