CFL (Chorus/Flanger)

Effect Information

“This may be a very rare unit? It’s capable of producing a wide variety of
extremely lush analog chorus and very liquid flanging sounds.


  • Phase Travel: Controls the depth of the sweep, from a very slight waver through deep wobbles and vibrato;

  • Center: When phase travel is anything less than maximum, this
    sets the area through which the LFO sweeps. At one end are
    phaser/flanger sounds and at the other, chorus and
    even reverb sounds;

  • Harmonic Emphasis: Controls the feedback or resonance when
    in flanger mode. It can be set from zero all the way to extreme levels.
    An internal trimpot allows you to set the resonance even higher for even more extreme sounds.

“The foot expression pedal controls the speed of the sweep, from
one cycle every 15 seconds, to 15 cycles per second. The physical sweep
of this pedal is much larger than a normal wah-type pedal, which gives
you deeper control over speed.”

“The chorus/flanger stomp switch allows you to swap between the two modes on the fly. The harmonic coloration toggle switch has an interesting but
difficult-to-describe effect on the sound. It seems to add a certain
tonal shift which accentuates different frequencies making the
watery flanging sounds more intense.”

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