CE-2 (Chorus) (1980) Japan/Silver Screw/Black Label w/Original Box

Effect Information

“The earliest version of this
effect. They were first manufactured in October 1979. Long dash, silver
screw, black label, MIJ, large font, set-screw knobs, all of the above.
This pedal uses
the Panasonic MN3101 and MN3007. This pedal was based off the Roland
CE-1, but the mid range was boosted for a guitar’s input (which gives it
it’s warmth). It is the lushest and warmest Boss chorus ever made.
No … the CE-3, or any other Boss chorus, does NOT blow this pedal out
of the water.  It will make your head swim with syrupy chorus, but not
at all muddy, or over the top unnatural.”

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