CE-1 (Chorus Ensemble)

Effect Information

“These legendary units are widely known to be one of the best chorus pedals ever made, and were the very first pedals to be manufactured under the name Boss by the Roland Corporation. Offering a choice of chorus or vibrato and mono or stereo operation, this is a real gem of an effect — can add a subtle shimmer or hefty throb to source material — great for adding stereo width and interest to a mono source.”

“This pedal is absolutely key to many signature guitar sounds whether electric or acoustic; it makes electric pianos just sound ‘right’ and is the perfect partner to your Fender Rhodes, Wurli or digital piano. Synths, whether analogue or digital — especially soft synths — really shine when put through a CE-1.”

“The CE-1’s analog circuit is
both warm, lush, and clear. The chorus side of the pedal is controlled
by the intensity knob and ranges from a slow and subtle shimmer to a
faster and watery chorus. The vibrato side cuts the dry signal leaving a
warbling and wiggling sound. Depth and speed controls on the vibrato
keep it under control or let it loose. The pedal has both mono and
stereo outputs allowing for even more depth and versatility.”

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