C-300 (Compressor)

Effect Information

“A 1980s compressor with a lot of
sustain — far superior to any modern day digital
compressors. This is
identical to the old Fender pedal series, same case, knobs, foot switch
and probably the same electronics.”

“These pedals are highly
and sound amazing. You have much more control over shaping your tone due to
the four different knobs (most compressors have two or three). Extremely
sturdy, made of metal, hard plastic foot switch and a hard rubber
bottom pad with silver label. Runs on 9v battery
or adapter.”

“This effect pedal was made by “Next” — a division of the Moridaira Musical Instruments Company
in Japan. These
are absolutely incredible pedals with some of the best sound you’ll hear
from a compact effect. They operate on a 9-volt battery or the plug-in
for a/c adapter (dc-9v).”

Archived past online sales data:

Effectsfreak legacy website (includes sales data 4/2008 - 4/2021)

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