Brigadier Delay (dBucket Delay) w/Original Packaging

Effect Information

“Although the Brig is a digital
pedal, it’s designed to simulate a vintage, analog bucket brigade delay
pedal (like the EH Memory Man or Ibanez AD-9). A lot of digital
pedals claim to sound “analog” but as the owner of quite a few analog
delays I can say with confidence that Strymon has nailed it
with this pedal.  With the Brig you can make it as murky, noisy, and warm as
the best vintage analog delays. You can clean it up too, and the
oscillation — which sounds incredible — can be carefully controlled
without the runaway volume spikes of vintage delays.  The modulation is
also a lot more versatile than most, and gives the pedal incredible
depth.  Add stereo ins and outs, expression pedal control, and tap tempo
and there’s no analog delay that can compete with the Brig’s feature
set.  One of the best delays I’ve ever played, hands down!”

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