BPL (Bi-Stage Phaser) w/Power Supply

Effect Information

“This pedal is now 24 years old and is a killer sounding phaser. It is a companion to the CPL Compressor, GEL Graphic Equalizer, DCL Stereo Chorus, and the DDL Digital Delay. The “L” series were never reissued hence no need to verify the validity of the vintage.  These Master or L Series were the bridge between the “9” and “10” Series and thus were made only in one year: 1985, though some were made in late 84. This particular model has six JRC1458D chips!”

“This phaser is from the Master series (between the 9 and 10-series) made only for one year in 1985. Very versatile and sweet sounding phaser which lets you choose between six and 10 phasing stages, which corresponds to three and five notches in the frequency spectrum, respectively.”

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Date Range (06/18/2023 - 06/18/2023)


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